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Catfish are considered to be an easy to grow species with good taste. MAVECAM has carefully formulated catfish food.



Tilapia starter, Tilapia growth, Tilapia finisher, MAVECAM is present for your satisfaction.


From hatching in a hatchery, to grow-out that lasts 0 to 5 months or 0 to 12 months for medium or large shrimp (usually called prawns), we work to provide you with products. of qualities.

alevin de tilapia

Catfish or tilapia fry

Quality fry to help you start your production.

Fish feed

Nos gammes d’aliments sont conçues pour couvrir les besoins spéciaux dans le cycle de vie complet, de l’œuf à la récolte des espèces d’eau douce (Silure et Tilapia), ainsi que des crevettes.